MagSkin, A Magnetic Rear Skin For The iPhone [Kickstarter]


Magnets. Even if we’ll probably never know how they work, you gotta love them. They let us pin notes to fridges, they lock and unlock your iPad’s screen and now they can even stick your your iPhone to any metal surface. If only they didn’t do that pesky trick of wiping your bak cards, magnets would be pretty much perfect.

The product is called the MagSkin, and it’s exactly that – a magnetic skin. You stick it to the back of the iPhone as you would any other skin, and it’ll then stick to refrigerators, exposed car body parts, cutlery and other lodestones.

The designer, Daniel Weyer, made the first one just for himself, but then his friends started asking for them and he decided they’d need to look a little more polished. Or at the very least, a little more tastelessly decorated. To this end he slapped iridescent snakeskin and temperature-sensitive covers onto the backs of the covers, and upped the strength of the magnets to compensate.

Apart from the style, I love this idea. And it makes me long for the day that all bank and credit cards use RFID chips as replacements for – and not just supplements to – magnetic strips. I already wiped one card with an iPad case. I don’t want to do it again.

The MagSkin is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where you can pitch $15 to get one.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Daniel!