Foxconn CEO Terry Gou: iPhone 5 Will Destroy The Samsung Galaxy S III



Foxconn Chairman and President Terry Gou didn’t get where he is by mouthing off details about secret products he is building to the press, but according to a new report, he’s just confirmed that the iPhone 5 is coming… and it’ll make the Samsung Galaxy S III look like a hunk of junk. If it didn’t already.

First reported by The China Times, Gou told journalists that he pretty much hated Samsung, and that his life’s goal was to defeat the Korean gadget maker, a company he described as having “a track record of snitching on its competitors.”

What Gou’s talking about is Samsung reporting four Taiwanese companies to the EU during an investigation on price-fixing in the flat panel industry, in order to save its own skin and serve as a “tainted witness.”

As for the iPhone 5, this is the money quote:

Gou also urged consumers to wait for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, saying that the new model will put Samsung’s Galaxy III to shame. With Hon Hai’s marketing and manufacturing strengths and Sharp’s key technologies, the two will be able to defeat their arch-rival Samsung, the chairman said.

No doubt about that.

Source: Focus Taiwan=
Via: iClarified

  • sosickitzill

    Hell Yeah, efff Samsuck!!! I hate them too.

  • zviivz

    Did he say ‘Sharp’? Is IGZO finally coming to iPhone 5?? :)

  • Lane Jasper

    I LOVE my iPhone 4S but his statement DOES sound a bit personal more than factual based since we REALLY don’t know the true specs yet. The Galaxy S3 isn’t really what I’d consider a piece of crap by any means (I don’t like it over my 4S whatsoever, but it’s not junk either.

  • Boris Terekidi

    Can’t wait for September :)

  • César Pérez Serrano

    The iphone 4S was defeated by the Samsung Galaxy S2 even before the iPhone 4s was released. And it’s happening the same now with the awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iWhatevertheypresent. The behavior of this man is more like a five-year-old boy you have removed a candy. That’s shame, and not the brilliant Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Ruichuen1989

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is good, and it’s better in terms of the specs.
    But I personally think that being innovative and ethical is important by not ripping off the design and ideas of other companies.
    HTC is way better than Samsung, at least HTC Android phone does not look like an iPhone. and they don’t have Chrome Box.

  • franklinnoble

    This is the guy who runs the slave labor camps for his communist overlords in China, who sell crap to Apple for pennies on the dollar… and fools at this website actually give his opinion the time of day. Sad.