Kanex Sydnee Allows You To Charge Your Entire Family Of iOS Devices From Just One Socket


Sydnee makes charging multiple iOS devices simple.
Sydnee makes charging multiple iOS devices simple.

Sydnee from Kanex is a new accessory that allows users with an entire family of iOS devices to charge all of their gadgets (well, four of them) simultaneously. It requires only one main socket, and it coverts that into four USB ports — capable of pumping out 2.1 amps of power — for your iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches.

Not only does Sydnee turn one mains socket into four USB ports, but it also provides a dock that’s capable of securing three iPads and one iPhone (with cases) at any one time. No matter how you feel about its design and look, then (we have mixed feelings here at Cult of Mac) this means Sydnee is certainly going to help tame all those cables and keep your desk tidy.

With no tangle and no mess – your cable clutter is simplified without compromise through Sydnee’s intelligent design. With the cable management provided all cables stay neatly concealed, comfortably holding up to three iPad’s and an iPhone.

Sydnee has built-in short-circuit protecting to prevent damage to your devices from power surges or spikes, and it ships with three USB cables and a one-year warranty. It comes in black and white, and it’s available to order now, directly from Kanex, for $149.99.

Source: Kanex

  • Kenton Presbrey

    Intelligent Design aye…Sorry Sydnee, more of an “evolution” kinda guy. :P