The SSD In The New MacBook Air Is 217% Faster Than Before


The new MacBook Air not only has up to 512GB of flash storage, it's also a whole lot faster than before.
The new MacBook Air not only has up to 512GB of flash storage, it's also a whole lot faster than before.

The MacBook Air has never been a slouch in terms of performance, but with the 2012 model, SSD performance is scoring a whopping 217% higher than ever before.

In tests run by OSXDaily, read speeds reached a maximum of 461MB/s, and write speeds hit 364MB/s, a dramatic increase over the 2011 model, which scored just a modest 145MB/s read speed and a 152MB/s write speed.

CPU speeds are also reportedly roughly 15-20% faster, but the major difference is of course the SSD. It’s interesting to note that the SSD in the new MacBook Air appears to be manufactured by Toshiba, while the 2011 models had Samsung drives. While this could likely be a factor in the increased performance,  some new MacBook Airs are also shipping with Samsung drives, so the difference in brand is probably negligible.

Either way, its safe to say that the new MacBook Air is now one of the fastest laptops available, right up there with the new, Retina display MacBook Pro.

If you’d like to test the speeds of your own drive, you can use the free DiskSpeedTest application, available in the Mac App Store. Tell us what you scored in the comments.

Source: OSXDaily 

  • Kenton Presbrey

    Just ran Black Magic on my 2011 MBA – Write 245MB/s Read 265MB/s.

  • Syriac

    Yeah so did I. There was two sets of SSDs used in last years MBA.
    The slower Toshiba (150/150) and the faster Samsung (255/255).

  • AndrewRimmer

    Great to have speed boosts on the new MacBook Air. However I think the article is a little over the top, and a little misleading. The MacBook Air *was* a slouch in performance when it first came out, and it is *not* one of the fastest laptops available. The MacBook Retina is a lot faster. You still compromise on performance to get the small form factor. It is however one of the fastest ultrabooks…

  • ImAnthony

    MacBook Pro 2 GHz Intel Corei7, 8 GB RAM, Crucial M4 SSD = 190 MB/s write + 507 MB/s read speed