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Retina MacBook Pros Don’t Have IGZO Displays After All, But Imagine When They Do!



Yesterday, we reported that according to the speculation of display expert Dr. Raymond Soneira, the new Retina MacBook Pro could conceivably use Sharp IGZO display technology originally meant for the new iPad.

At the time, we were a little skeptical of the claim. Turns out we were right, as the new displays don’t use IGZO at all.

The confirmation comes from a tweet by iFixIt, which notes that the display is actually manufactured by LG Philips, not Sharp.

IGZO technology — which vastly decreases the amount of battery power needed to drive a display — was speculated to be included in the Retina MacBook Pro because the jump in battery size from the old MBPs to the new ones was not as big as that seen between the iPad 2 and new iPad.

However, as we explained at the time, there were a lot more gains to be made in battery life in the Retina MacBook Pro by switching to Ivy Bridge processors and abandoning spinning disk drives in favor of solid state storage.

Looks like we were right. Now imagine how much battery you’ll get out of 2013 MacBook Pros with Sharp IGZO displays if this is what an LG-driven MacBook Pro can do.

Source: Twitter
Thanks: Bruno B.