CinePro Is An All-Manual Video Camera App For The iPhone


All manual, all the time. Unless you pick auto, I guess.
All manual, all the time. Unless you pick auto, I guess.

The iPhone’s camera app is pretty good for shooting stills, and I consistently get sharper pictures with better white balance than I do in any other apps. But for shooting video, it just plain sucks: the crop factor (which lets image stabilization do its stuff) makes indoor shooting hard, and you have almost no control over anything but focus.

So do yourself a favor and go spend a buck on CinePro, a video-shooting app that gives you all the control you need.

Manual control of ISO? Check. Settings for focal length, aspect ratio and frame rate? Check. Live filters, live histogram, output quality selection and white balance controls? Check, check, check!

CinePro is a gem of a video app. You can use it as a straight replacement for the built-in app, or you can go to town and buy extra filters (either the grungifying kind or special effects like tilt-shift), turning your iPhone or iPad into a 1950s film camera or a B&W noire-shooting machine, capturing at 24p for extra authenticity.

Speaking of iPhones and iPads, the features available to each model vary. The iPhone 4S and iPad 3, for example, are the only ones capable of 1080p, but if you opt for this then live effects have to be applied afterwards. And speaking of live effects being applied afterwards, you can also post-process footage shot elsewhere.

If you ever shoot video, and you can afford one measly dollar, you should go buy this right now. I’m planning on dashing of a few more posts and then heading out with iPad and accessory magnetic lenses in hand, and remaking The Phantom Menace without Jar Jar frikkin’ Binks or any boring senate scenes. It should only take a few minutes.

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