Motive Stylus Unrolls And Sticks To The iPad’s Smart Cover [Kickstarter]


The  Motive Stylus unwraps and sticks to the Smart Cover
The Motive Stylus unwraps and sticks to the Smart Cover

The Motive Stylus solves one of the most annoying problems of carrying a stylus for your iPad: Where do you put it? We have seen magnetic styluses which snap onto the Smart Cover before, but none does it quite so securely and unobtrusively as the Motive, which actually folds flat.

Or more correctly, it unfolds flat. The stylus consists of six magnetic rods which are connected to each other much as the Smart Cover’s hinge is connected to the cover itself. These roll up to make a six-sided pencil-like writing tool. When you’re done, you stick it to the Smart Cover and the magnets all interact to “unlock” the Motive and allow you to roll it out flat, like a sushi mat.

It’s pretty clever. The extra surface area means that it sticks well, and the flat profile keeps it out of the way until you use it. You can even fold the Smart Cover into a stand with the stylus still stuck inside.

The Motive will retail for $40 if it ever gets into stores, or you can pitch on the Kickstarter project for $30. Or you could do what I do and just carry the thing like a pen, as humans have done ever since they ripped a feather from a bird and finally found a use for the hitherto mysterious “penknife.”

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    Motive Stylus also comes with 2 tips. One is soft and flexible and the other is hard and provides a firm feel. The tips are easy to swap so you can customize Motive Stylus and choose the feel that you prefer when you use it with your iPad.