The Battery In The Retina MacBook Pro Costs More Than Ever To Replace


The premium battery life in the new MacBook Pro comes at a premium.
The premium battery life in the new MacBook Pro comes at a premium.

If you’re in the market for a new MacBook Pro, particularly of the Retina display variety, expect to shell out a little more than usual for a new battery. Apple’s updated pricing list for MacBook battery replacements shows higher than ever battery costs.

Of course, this comes as no real surprise, considering that Apple is constantly trying to jam larger and larger batteries into its increasingly small MacBooks, but nonetheless, it’s something to consider when purchasing your laptop. According to Apple, the replacement cost on a new, Retina display-equipped MacBook Pro will run you $199, a significant step up from the previous generation, which ran at $129.

This is an even higher cost than the now defunct 17″ MacBook Pro, whose battery replacement cost ran at $179. Why is this? Well, there are several factors that have to be taken into account.

First off, the new MacBook Pro has a substantially larger battery than the previous 15″ model. iFixit reveals that the new MacBook Pro is sporting a 95 watt hour battery, up from the previous 77.5 Wh version.

It’s also worth noting that Apple has ditched the screws, and instead opted to glue the battery right down to the case, meaning that replacement is now much more difficult. Add all these factors up, and it becomes clear why Apple has to charge more.

Over the next few years, don’t be surprised if you see these rates continue to climb, as Apple continually makes components harder to replace, for the sake of space.

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  • zviivz

    Is battery covered by AppleCare? Btw, how do you folks feel about paying $349 AppleCare for MBP Retina?