Read It Now Lets You Read Articles In Your Browser. Right Now [Humor]


Instapaper queue getting on top of you? Why not Read It Now instead?
Instapaper queue getting on top of you? Why not Read It Now instead?

You all use and love Instapaper, right? Or perhaps Pocket, or Readability? These apps are the perfect way to put long articles aside for reading during downtime, or for browsing on a device better suited to the task than a desktop computer. But what about those times when you have a few moments and you just want to stop and read the website in front of your right now?

That’s where Read It Now comes in.

Read It Now is a javascript bookmarklet by Lex Friedman and Dan Moren which you drag to the bookmarks bar of your browser. Then, when you find something you want to read now, you just click it, and then you can read that article now. Friedman:

Sometimes, you want to read a piece of longform content online. But if your Instapaper queue has swelled to a completely unmanageable size, you might want to read that content now, not later. That’s when you’ll click the Read It Now button. You’re welcome.

The idea is pure genius. Often, I will make a cup of coffee and take a break from work to read something interesting in my RSS feed. But if I save it to Instapaper, open up my iPad and then load the app and wait for it to sync, then my espresso is already cold or finished. Now, I can just stay right where I am and Read It Now.


Source: Read It Now

  • baby_Twitty

    This app is genius… Lex Friedman should win a design medal.

  • nthnm

    Didn’t read the entire title. I got to the end of the article and was all WTF? Seriously? lol