Protex Case Lets You Use The iPad Single-Handed


Protex protects
Protex protects.

The iPad is many things, but one thing it is not is easy to hold. The Lady literally refuses to touch one when it’s naked (a sound policy in some other situations too), and even though I love the skinny feel of the iPads 2 and 3 in my hands, I too get a little nervous.

Higher Ground’s Protex is a case that not only protects the iPad, but makes it way easier to hold – and all without adding bulk or fugliness.

The case is of the rear-skin style, but with enlarged (and raised) bezels for both grip and protection. This extra thickness also means there is space for a speaker redirection channel.

But it’s around the back where things start to get interesting.

On the rear of the TPU molded Protex you’ll find a stretchy web in the shape of a splayed calf’s hide (I know this, as I have one on the living room floor). The membrane is held at its four corners so you can slip fingers or even a hand into the openings and tote the tablet single-handed.

This is useful for many things. Reading while standing in line; taking photos; painting into an app like Brushes – pretty much any time you need a hand free to do something to the iPad, or you just really, really don’t want to drop it.

The Protex is $40, and will be available soon.

Source: Higher Ground