The World’s Tiniest Police Chase Shot Using iPhones And Pico Projectors


Take some iPhones (or iPod touches), a few tiny pico projectors and a whole lot of hard work and talent, mix with a Canon 5D and an HD cam, and you might end up with something resembling The Speed of Light, an mazing animation by The Theory.

Oh, and you might need a couple of toy cars, too.

The Speed of Light is a spectacular car chase movie, made by projecting footage of toy cars, people and helicopters onto various household surfaces. All the movement is generated by sweeping the images from the Microvision projectors over walls, floors and desktops.

The result is astonishing.

I have a MicroVision pico projector in a junk drawer somewhere, and aside from one screen ing of Mad Max on my bedroom ceiling (don’t ask) and a rather showy, high-tech presentation in my Spanish class, I have never found a use for it. Less convenient than the big iPad screen, a battery life barely long enough for an episode of The Sopranos, too many wires and a weak, dim image make it almost useless.

If only I’d had the imagination of The Theory. Wait – I just remembered one other time I used the projector: to stealth beam a bootleg copy of Deep Throat onto the wall during the launch night of a new Barcelona nightclub.

Source: The Theory

Via: PetaPixel