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How would you like to win an entire library of 10 Apple-related books? Everything from Insanely Great to Steve Jobs: A Biography to Inside Steve’s Brain by our own fearless leader Leander Kahney? There’s even a chance to just win Leander’s book (one lucky winner a week!), and how does one achieve this awesome feat?

Well, then it’s all on the iApple Book Giveaway page here on Cult of Mac. Read on for all the details…

Are You Fanatical About Apple Like We Are?

We knew it and it’s why we’ve put together this giveaway because like us, we love Apple and wanted to share these 10 INSPIRATIONAL Apple books with you.

The Top 10 Apple Books:

  • Apple Confidential 2 by Owen Linzmeyer — This is the best general overview of the company for beginners. Very easy to read and consistently interesting.
  • Insanely Great by Steven Levy — In the early 1980s, magazine reporter Steven Levy got a plumb assignment from Rolling Stone: cover the development of Steve Jobs’ secret new project, the first Macintosh. The result is the fast-paced story of the birth of the Mac from an ‘embedded’ reporter. No one got this kind of access ever again.
  • Revolution in the Valley by Andy Hertzfeld — The story of the birth of the Mac form a different perspective: one of the engineers that helped create it. It’s full of great and fascinating stories about Apple, Steve Jobs and the band of brilliant people who created the first easy-to-use computer.
  • Inside Steve’s Brain by Leander Kahney — Best analysis of what makes Apple and Steve Jobs tick. “Intimidated by Walter Isaacson’s biography or just hungry for more? I found enormous insight into the genius of Steve Jobs in this slim volume,” says tech publisher Tim O’Reilly.
  • Return to the Little Kingdom: Steve Jobs and the Creation of Apple by Michael Moritz — The best narrative of the founding of Apple and the company’s early days.
  • The Second Coming of Steve Jobs by Alan Deutschman — The best narrative about Steve’s wilderness years at NeXT and Pixar and his return to Apple in the late nineties. A bit harsh perhaps, but a cracking good tale.
  • Insanely Simple by Ken Segall — A great insider book from a former advertising execuitve detailing how Steve worked. The essential insight — that to copy Apple, rivals need to build a company like Apple, not just products — is deep and instructive.
  • The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolness by Steven Levy — Another great book by Levy, this time about the development and impact of the iPod, perhaps the world’s most perfect postmodern product.
  • Steve Jobs, Revolutionary: An eBook From Wired — A great collection of essays and interviews from Wired magazine.
  • Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson — The one and only definitive biography of Steve.

Giveaway Details:

10 Winners [40 in total] will be selected each week that will WIN a FREE signed copy of INSIDE STEVE’S BRAIN by Leander Kahney.

1 Lucky Winner will be selected on July 23th, 2012 that will WIN the iApple Book Giveaway!

The more you spread the word, the better the chance you’ll have of winning – we’ve got our eyes on you ;)

Don’t dawdle! Go and enter now—The iApple Book Giveaway – Cult of Mac Deals!

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    Awesome! I hope i’ll win it! 
    Wait, this is an international contest right?

  • Brandon Dillon

    Awesome prize. Wasn’t aware that a writer here had a book.