The iOS App Design Bundle [Last Chance!]


iPhone App Design 640

You know one of the secrets of great and productive designers? Great templates. Templates that don’t just look great, but are also flexible enough to make sure their project don’t look “cookie cutter”. Buttons, textures, backgrounds, design elements, layouts. A great designer has a slew of these stashed aside to pull out for a wide range of projects. Now, why should app developers be any different?

They shouldn’t. Which is what today’s deal is all about—The iOS App Design Bundle. Having great templates on hand to kick off your next iOS app project.

For this deal, you get to pick three templates from over a dozen different choices—iPhone App Design Templates for just $39. I’ve looked at the templates and it’s going to be hard to pick just three! Just keep focused on the project you want to do now and…well okay, buy a couple more!

You’re saving over $170 here so this is a great deal to give your first app (or 101st app) that little extra bit of polish to make it stand apart from “meh” looking apps. Remember, it isn’t just great functionality that pushes an app to the top. A great app looks as great as it works!

Saves you Time and Money

Hiring a good iPhone App designer costs a lot of money, easily more than $2000. Even then, you are not guaranteed a design you like and not guaranteed a return on that investment. Minimize your risk with these templates.

Make your Apps Look Like the Pros

The fact is top-selling apps have great design. Also, Apple only features apps with great design. Increase your probability of success by getting one of these templates to make your Apps look like one of the Pros.

Easy to Use. Setup in Minutes.

To use these designs, you DO NOT need Photoshop skills. You can get started in 10 minutes or less. Download the sample XCode project, to learn how to design the app and you’ll be ready to roll.

Design Details:

Each theme is professionally designed and includes over 20 design elements, all sliced up with .PNG files ready to go into your app design. There’s a sample Xcode project that shows you how to use your theme so you can be up and running in seconds. PSD files are also included for more flexibility.

If you’re going to try your hand at making the next great app, you need to start off on the right foot. Pick up The iOS App Design Bundle now.