Steve Jobs Is The Mastermind Behind Obama’s Re-Election Campaign



Like he did when he ran for President back in 2008, Obama is seriously leveraging the power of mobile in his campaign for re-election. The mastermind behind that mobile campaign? Steve Jobs. And the iPhone and iPad are Obama’s secret weapons.

According to a profile in Business Week of Jim Messina, Obama’s former White House deputy chief of staff and now his campaign manager, Obama’s mobile campaign is heavily influenced by two conversations had with Steve Jobs before his death last year.

According to Messina, Jobs talked a lot about how the world had changed since Obama’s re-election. Back in 2008, the iPhone had just started to revolutionize the way we think of mobile, but hadn’t really gained much momentum yet.

Now, everyone has iPhones and iPads, and according to Jobs, the key to re-election was to make use of them.

“Last time you were programming only a couple of channels (the Web and e-mail),” Jobs reportedly said. “This time, you have to program content to a much wider variety of channels — Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Google — because people are segmented in a very different way than they were four years ago.”

In other words, Jobs told Messina that Obama should be using smartphones and tablets as his tools for going viral. It’s an astute point, and whether you like Obama or not, it looks as if part of the credit for an Obama victory can be given posthumously to Jobs.

Source: Business Week

  • Sean Smith

    Give me a break

  • Ed_Kel

    This was nothing more than Jobs doing what he did best; capitalize on Obama’s popularity. As for his 2012 re-election bid? Nothing will save this blind fool.

    Like @Sean Smith said, give me a break.
  • Skywaytraffic

    Well I was hoping to get in and comment on this thread before the political ignorance started, but it seems I was too late…



  • shannon_f

    This article makes me sad to love Apple products so much…

  • Sean Smith

    Political ignorance is continuing to support a “president” who acts more like a dictator that picks and chooses what laws he’s going to enforce. His recent announcement that he’s going to stop deporting illegal immigrants and grant work visas to 800,000 “young illegal immigrants” is just even more proof.

  • HollowayDora

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  • Shane Bryson

    I sincerely doubt this with every fiber of my being.

    I don’t know why you would. Jobs was one of the biggest Dems we have seen in our country in a LONG time.

  • jason_burns

    Ron Paul 2012!  Just say no to the NDAA and the Patriot Act!  Live free or die.

    Ron Paul…  because Obama and Romney bring more tyranny and less freedom. 

  • sheetheadj

    “According to Messina, Jobs talked a lot about how the world had changed since Obama’s re-election”

    Did I miss four years recently somehow? :)

  • technochick

    Having a chat about changes in tech is not the same as designing etc a campaign.

    Not even close.

    Obama and his staff, not Jobs or anymore at Apple, are the masterminds of everything Obama

  • Patrick M Phillips

    Funny, Ron Paul has a FAR more powerful and pervasive presence online and a lotta good it’s done getting HIM elected. 

    That said, I always get a kick out of the delusional morons out there with the Obama sticker on their cars where the ‘O’ is a peace symbol. With the 2000th casualty coming in Afghanistan this week and the ever increasing drone killing of women and children in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the cluster bombing of 40+ children in Yemen and claiming the Yemeni gov’t did it, the deployment of troops to more countries than we’ve EVER been in before, I wonder if they feel fuckin stupid now.
    The answer’s probably no… Americans are idiots
  • CummingsRena

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