Share Your Photos With iPhoto For iPad The Right Way [iOS Tips]



If you take a photo in a forest but do not share it with others, does it really exist? Well, yeah, it probably does, but you know what I’m talking about. Sharing photos is really the point, right? Why else take them?

iPhoto for iPad has several ways to share your photos across social networks, to other iOS devices, and even right on the iPad itself. Let’s run through a few of them, yeah?

Simple sharing, via email, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter is built right in to iPhoto for iPad. Tap and select a photo to share it, or tap and hold many photos to select more than one. Or simply tap the gear icon and then tap “Select Multiple…” You’ll be able to tap more than one photo in the columno n the left of iPhoto. All the photos you chose will show up in the main window, tiled if multiple selections. Hit the sharing button, which is the standard iOS sharing button in the upper right, the third from the right next to the Edit button. Tap on the icon of the service you want to share the photo or photos with, like Flickr or Facebook. If you haven’t done this before, you may need to log in to the specific photo sharing service, so follow the prompts as you go. ONce you’re all signed in, hit the Share to button and you’re good to go.

Beaming your photos is a nice option, which we’ve covered before. Select the photos you want to share as before, but hit the Beam button, with the little WiFi rainbow icon. If you have iPhoto up on the iOS device you’re sharing to, say a friend’s iPhone, you’ll see the device pop up in the Beam options. Simply tap it to send the photos you’ve selected to the other iOS device.

One of the more interesting ways to share your photos from the iPad is with the Journal option. This is like a digital scrapbook that you can hand as a slideshow to a friend on your iPad, send to iTunes, or share out as a web page via iCloud. To create a new Journal, select the photos you want to put into the journal with a tap/hold to select multiple photos. Then tap on the Share icon in the upper right. Tap on Journal, and iPhoto will give you the option to use the ones you’ve chosen, choose more, and then, once you tap through, the chance to name your Journal and chose a theme. The themes are basically the material that shown behind the photos in the Journal, like Cotton or Denim. You can add these to an already created Journal at this time as well by tapping on the Journal/New field. Once you tap Create Journal, then Show, you’ll have the chance to move the photos around, tapping on each one to resize, and adding captions. It’s all very slick. When finished, tap the Share button in the upper right and you can export it as an iCloud web page, a Slideshow, or an iTunes movie.

Via: Laptop Mag

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