Griffin AirStrap Med Protects Doctors’ iPads From Blood and Gore



This case shrugs off any and all bodily fluids.

The iPad might seem to be the ideal tool for medical professionals — lightweight, always connected, reliable and with an all-day battery. But none of that will help you if you slip with a scalpel and suddenly have a gusher on your hands, or someone evacuates the contents of their ungrateful stomach all over your tablet.

What you need, doctor, is Griffin’s new AirStrap Mad.

The name certainly gives away the case’s target market, but the Med could be useful in plenty of other places other than hospitals. The case seals the iPad inside, and even covers the screen, sealing it from all fluids, but still giving access to the camera and controls.

In fact, this could also be handy for taking photos, with the hand and shoulder straps making one-handed use easy.

Everything is completely sanitize-able, and the straps can be removed for easy cleaning and the scrubbing off or blood and gore. And there’s even a clip for stylus.

Best of all, it is neither bulky nor ugly — just slim and utilitarian. The AirStrap Med can be had now, for a reasonable but not cheap $90.

Source: Griffin

Via: Max Borges

Thanks: Madison!

  • jaa

    Love the idea – but there must be a less expensive alternative!

  • mynamesdanhoy

    its for doctors, they can afford it and so can the hospitals or clinics they work for.

  • Lochias

    Next time, look up ‘gore’ to keep it simple.  Then say, ‘blood.’

    Or ‘gore.’

    Mixing them is like talking about Apple’s tablet.  And then the iPad