Amazon Makes Kindle App Even Uglier And Adds Support For Comics


Amazingly, Amazon thinks the view on the right is better.
Amazingly, Amazon thinks the view on the right is better.

The Kindle app has been updated to – supposedly – improve the reading experience on the iPad, and to add support for books with pictures: essentially kids books and graphic novels. And while the second is welcome the first – -to my eyes – actually looks worse.

One thing the iPad screen doesn’t lack – for reading at least – is space. And yet Amazon has shrunken the margins of the page so that text crowds the screen almost edge to edge. The old, unobtrusive interface elements (search, font sizes and so on) have been replaced by dark, slide-in toolbars. It’s neither better nor worse. Just different.

Reading comics sounds more interesting, though, and I’ll be buying something to check it out when I finally shake this Edge connection I’m on right now. This will be a good feature for people who read only a few comics. Nerds are likely to stick with something like Comic Zeal.

Finally, you can now search across titles by author and title. Finally.

As ever, Kindle for iOS free, for both new users and updaters.

Source: iTunes

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  • aepxc

    The OSX Kindle app has been getting progressively uglier with each new release as well. A deliberate ploy by Amazon? 

  • MichaeltheK

    Sorry, but I have to disagree. The one thing that has always bugged me about the kindle app has been the enormous margins. I don’t care how big the screen is, why would I want to waste a quarter to a third of it to blank space.