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Google’s Chrome Browser First To Update To Retina Resolution



Wow, those folks are quick. Looks like Google will be the first non-Apple company to update their Mac app, the Chrome web browser, to the higher resolution demanded of them by the just-barely-announced Macbook Pro.

Over at the Google Chrome Blog, the company promises to polish Chrome “until it shines on that machine,” referring to the sweet new bit of Apple candy from Cupertino.

In fact, the highly experimental and heavily alpha Canary release channel already has the new retina-display enabled browser ready for download. That’s fast, guys!

As you can see in the helpfully supplied image above, the higher resolution will bring all sorts of shininess and clarity to every bit of the Chrome browser experience. While we assume that Apple’s own web browser, Safari, already has the retina display sewn up, this is some great, super quick work by the folks in the Chrome group, assuring that their browser won’t be left in blurry dust anytime soon.

Source: Google Chrome Blog Via: TechCrunch