Apple Is Now Killing Messages Beta For Existing OS X Lion Users


Say goodbye to Messages. Apple's now killing it for Lion users.
Say goodbye to Messages. Apple's now killing it for Lion users.

Shortlt after Apple announced Mountain Lion would be shipping next month, Cult of Mac reported that Cupertino had already begun preparation for the operating system by pulling the Messages for Mac Beta from their official site. The app allowed users of OS X Lion to send iMessages to iPhones, iPads and other Macs, but since it’s a headlining feature of the $20 Mountain Lion operating system, it stands to reason they’d want to start curtailing access to the service for Lion users.

That’s not all Apple’s doing, however. According to a new report, Apple is actually forcibly disabling the Messages Beta for OS X Lion users. They really want you upgrading if you use Messages,

MacTrast reports:

When disabled, Messages clears out your entire contact list, as well as all of your messages, and leaves the user unable to send new messages or add contacts. The above shots taken from the Dock show the disabled Messages beta (left), compared to a still functional version of the app (right).

Intriguingly, Apple hasn’t universally thrown a kill switch, but seems to be disabling the service for users piecemeal, with some Macs being affected while others aren’t.

If you find yourself stuck with a killed Messages Beta install, remember you can always revert to iChat from the Messages menu bar by clicking “Uninstall Messages Beta.”

Source: Mactrast