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Apple Has Hidden The iPhone’s Stocks App On The iPad In iOS 6



Since its introduction, the iPad has been missing some of the iPhone’s built in applications, such as Weather, Stocks, and Calculator. Until now, there’s been no sign of these apps making it to the iPad. With the introduction of iOS 6, though, it appears that Apple may finally be thinking about bringing the remaining iPhone apps over to the iPad.

As you may know, Siri in iOS 6 supports launching apps, and it turns out that if you ask Siri to “open Stocks” on an iPad running iOS 6, it will indeed launch the Stocks application, just as it appears on the iPhone. Unfortunately, this app isn’t optimized for the iPad’s larger display, and only runs in pixel-doubled mode. Also, strangely enough, many of the buttons and toggles present in Stocks on the iPhone are not present on the iPad, which means you lose the ability to customize which Stocks appear in your list. While I’ve confirmed that this does indeed work, it’s rather buggy, and appears to most likely be a mistake on Apple’s part. I wouldn’t be surprised if this work around was removed by the time the next beta of iOS 6 is released.

What do you think? Is this just a fluke, or is Apple planning to finally bring Stocks over to the iPad? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Via: iDownloadBlog