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Growl 2.0 Coming With Notification Center Support For Mountain Lion



Before Apple created the Notification Center for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, most of us depended on Growl as the most popular way to get app notifications. Growl has been the best way for developers to display notifications in their apps and was probably one inspiration behind Apple’s Notification Center.

Now that Apple is building notifications into Mountain Lion, many developers have feared the fantastic customizable powers of Growl notifications will become a dead relic. However, a recent post by the Growl team is laying those fears aside, announcing that Growl 2.0 will support Notification Center so that developers have even more options.

Explaining the upcoming changes for Growl 2.0 and Notification Center support, Growl CEO, Chris Forsythe, explained:

For Growl 2 we’re simply going to add a Notification Center action display as well. This is going to make it easy for anyone who wants to see notifications in Growl, and also in Notifcation Center.

The one thing that has kept me up at night since the 10.8 release was announced, is that I really want to be able to help developers transition from Growl to Notification Center on their terms. We could have taken an aggressive stance and said “No, Growl is more awesome!”, but at the end of the day that isn’t us. It would be irresponsible for us to not support NC and abandon our developers, so we’re going to embrace it.

For Growl 2 we’ve done some really neat things. One of the really neat things that we’ve done is split the action and visual notifications, so that both could fire at the same time. Let me give you an example of how this would work. You could have a Smoke display, and the MailMe action fire from the same notification if you wanted. This is great and makes things really powerful.


Even though Notification Center will provide a great native solution for notifications to average Mac users, the continuity of Growl gives advanced users more customization options for notifications. Also, only apps that are downloaded from the Mac App Store will be allowed to utilize the Notification Center, so Growl 2.0 gives developers an option for notifications without having to include their app in the Mac App Store and give Apple 30% of their sales revenue.

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