Pris, An Ultra-Simple Camera App For iPhone



Single Minded.

Pris is a ridiculously simple new camera app for the iPhone which nonetheless manages to give you all the features you actually need, only without getting in the way. Shoot with the iPhone in portrait orientation and it’ll snap square photos and videos, ready for Instagram. Flip the iPhone into landscape and Pris will shoot super widescreen video and stills in a Star Wars-like 2.25:1 aspect ratio. There’s more, but in principle that’s the entire app.

Pris, designed by Rob Rhyne, is made to be easy to use. To this end, the shutter “button” is the entire viewfinder (tap the picture to snap), and mode switches are made only by flipping the phone between horizontal and vertical. At the bottom of the screen is a neat live histogram to help you get better shots, and you can switch to manual focus and exposure by tapping the icon at the side and dragging the two resulting controls to wherever you need them on screen.

Swipe right on the histogram and you get to Pris’ internal camera roll. From here you have two options: post to Instagram or save to the iPhone’s own camera roll. You’ll also see the final histogram and the exposure information for your photo — ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Pris won’t be for everyone, but that’s just fine. There are a million different camera apps out there, and it’s nice to see some that fill such tiny niches.

Pris is available now.

Source: Pris

Via: Rob Rhyne