Giant Vamp Case Turns The iPhone Into A 1980s-Style Home Stereo


Is this the biggest iPhone case ever seen?

I suppose that product meeting for the V-Moda Vamp went something like this:

Designer: Here it is! The Vamp case. It’s a metal case for the iPhone.

Boss: What the hell is wrong with you? That thing is huge. It’s an embarrassment to the good name of V-Moda. My god. With a box that size you could fit in literally anything. ANYTHING!

(Light bulb goes off over designer’s head)

And so, when the designer got back to his cubicle, he began stuffing things into the behemoth he had created. In went a DAC (Digital Analog Converter), in went a 2200mAh battery and a high/low gain switch. Next was a rotary volume dial and dual 150mW hheadphone amplifiers.

And finally, in went a S/PDIF/Toslink optical-out port. Because why not, right?

The result is a chunk of aluminum that more than doubles the size of the iPhone. It is also a chunk of aluminum that doubles the price of the iPhone, coming in at $650. Just don’t use it to play your crappy 128kbps MP3s, m’kay?

Source: V-MODA

Thanks: Matt!