iOS 6 Finally Adds Retina Shutdown Spinner Graphic


It's Retina, not that you can tell. Photo The Next Web
It's Retina, not that you can tell. Photo The Next Web

You know the shutdown spinner on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? If you own latest-generation hardware, it probably drives you crazy every single time you see it. Why? Because it is a lone holdout of non-Retina UI on Apple’s otherwise beautifully high-res OS. Now, in iOS6, this has – finally – been fixed.

What’s funniest about this isn’t that we’re nerdy enough to care about such details, or even that other people cared enough about it to snap a photo of the new UI resource. The funniest part is that the photos are so bad. Even with good lighting and a whole host of photo-taking gadgets, the best that The Next Web folks could manage is the picture you see above. And here, from Marco Arment of Instapaper fame, is a photo from behind the scenes:

How many software engineers does it take to snap a screenshot? Photo Marco Arment

I guess I should put up or shut up, and post my own perfectly clear version of the spinner. I would, only I downgraded my iPad back to iOS5 last night thanks to one too many essential apps kept crashing.

Source: The Next Web

Via: Marco

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    holy crap are those madoka magica stickers i see on those laptops?