Apple’s Secret Weapon At WWDC? A Time Machine.



It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when Apple’s computers were accused of being strictly last generation.

Their computers were made with clunky Power PC processors, and Windows PC owners smirked at the wheezing Mac platform. Michael Dell even famously said the whole company was so behind the times that if it were up to him, he’d euthanize it.

How things change.

While the rest of the industry was counting Apple out, a Steve Jobs newly returned to Apple spent the early part of the last decade quietly assembling a time machine. Following the iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air before it, the retina-display MacBook Pro announced Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco is just the latest time traveler Apple has sent back to us from the future.

It’s a machine so shiny, so shimmering, so futuristic, so unlike anything else out there that it will take the PC-making competition at least a year to release a truly competing product. How did this even happen? How did Apple assemble its time machine, and why can’t the likes of Sony, HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo seem to catch up?

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  • mr_bee

    I’m happy that you got an article on CNN, but I have to say you’re completely wrong on the facts.  You put the entire thing down to the supply chain when it’s clearly not the case at all.  Other companies have great supply chains.  

    It’s the focus on the product and the end consumer experience that makes Apple a winning proposition. 
    Other companies focus on profit, and on satisfying their industry partners first and customers second. Their products fail because of a lack of vision, a lack of attention to detail, and because to ‘succeed’ they only have to make money, and again, help out their industry partners.  
  • joewaylo

    Crank it to 88 MPH!

  • Andrew John

    The difference is that Apple actually believe in what they’re doing. They’re true to their ideals and follow through with their desired plans. From concept to end user, they nit pick all that they do. Other companies look at what they can churn out for a buck. As long as this philosophy remains, Apple will always be relevant and lead the market in quality. The PC world could have benefited by a Microsoft that cared about end user experience.