Easily Film Or Photograph Yourself With Your iPhone And The Woxom Slingshot [Review]


Woxom Slingshot
The Woxom Slingshot is ready to serve.

If you often find yourself using your hand to hold your iPhone while you film or photograph, please allow me to introduce you to the Woxom Slingshot ($15), the neat little gadget that makes it a snap to hand-hold your iPhone while you use its front-facing camera.

The Good:

When you’re using your iPhone’s front-facing camera, maybe taking a photo of yourself and your BFF with that duck face you always do, holding your phone far enough away can be tricky. That’s doubly true if you have little stubby arms. Well the Slingshot can definitely help you there, because the Slingshot adds a handle into the mix, giving you an extra 3-4 inches of clearance.

And you know what else that little handle does? It makes it harder to accidentally drop your iPhone, cause let’s face it, the iPhone isn’t exactly hand-held-while-arm-is-extended friendly.

Don’t want to hold your iPhone while you FaceTime with granny? The Slingshot’s got you covered there too, for within its handle lies a small, extendable fork, the withdrawing of which transforms the Slingshot into a little mini tripod. Now you can gaze into your iPhone’s front camera while it sits comfortably upright upon any flat surface you choose. Shazam!

The Bad:

Oh, but again about that fork… I wish it opened a little wider than it does. The Slingshot, in its tripod position, has a narrow footprint, and even a gentle breeze could blow it over. Not a comforting thought when it’s holding my $500 iPhone.

And another little annoyance: the Slingshot’s iPhone bracket will always be blocking one of your iPhone’s cameras. Insert your iPhone with its volume buttons facing up, and your back camera will be blocked; volume buttons down, and now the front camera is blocked. Not a huge deal, but why can’t the Slingshot’s iPhone bracket be designed so both cameras are always unobscured?



So is the Slingshot buy-worthy? Sure! It’s only $15; that’s dirt-cheap for an iPhone tripod, and the Slingshot is that and more. Try it out, and if it isn’t useful to you, pass it off to the nearest tween.

[xrr rating=70%]

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