25 New UI Changes In iOS 6 [Video]



iOS 6 brings to the table some of the biggest UI improvements Apple has made in the history of iOS. While some of the changes are obvious, some are more subtle. Here’s 25 new user interface changes in iOS 6.

  • Shane Bryson

    That settings icon is exactly the same as iOS 5. That isn’t new at all.

  • IamJAd

    The best thing about this video? 

    Straight and to the point.  No Umms, awws, and let’s sees.  Just BAM BAM BAM!

    Excellent job.

  • Sammyc64

    The status bar is not blue in every app. It is a lighter shade of the top-most color unless coded to be black. (i.e. Good for Enterprise has a red status bar, Photos has a grey status bar, etc.)

  • Bjamesreed

    Uh, the Settings icon is identical to how it has ALWAYS BEEN. The holes in the aluminum in the background are simply more pronounced, but even THAT might just be your retina display.

    Look closer, the gears are actually sharp triangles in ios 5

  • zviivz

    Why can’t they make the weather icon like the calendar icon, i.e. change the temperature and icon to reflect the local weather?

  • joewaylo

    I hate some of those changes but like the rest

    • The silver status bar has been removed making it matte black/blue: I think the other way around would have been more cooler. Shiny and representative.
    • The weather app and stocks app are flat: I preferred it bold. I’d have expected maybe up to date info refreshes and a radar added to Weather.
    • The phone buttons are flat, big and white: Okay. I can live with that. It’s for those who can’t read the dialing numbers. But they could have added depth to the buttons.
    • Flat black on a few menu keys in some of their applications and white background. No more colorful icons Apple?
  • DylanYounkin

    Pre iOS 6:  The settings icon had gears with pointed ends.

    iOS 6:  The settings icon gears are rounded, very similar to Snow Leopard and on.

    Not identical, just refined.
  • Andrew John

    Just one gripe. This is a Mac blog website, but you use flash to deliver your video. REALLY?

  • dtdschmidty

    i like the information this video gave us but man was the person talking boring!!!! ZZZZZZ

  • Jack McClauren

    Where is the YouTube App?

  • NapMan

    Hey!  Did anyone else notice the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth On/Off settings right there at the top, under Airplane Mode?  Awesome!

  • appledrunk1

    If you want to install the iOS 6 beta you can do so by activating your UDID here:

  • thehayhorse

    watching a video made by idownloablog and watching a video made my CoM is like night and day. (iDB being better)

  • Linus Chan

    How can i change the clocks in the new ipad to display as alphanumeric? I HATE HATE HATE clockface displays.. and yes, i know how to read a clock.