Rid Your Photos Of Red Eye And Skin Blemishes With iPhoto For iPad [iOS Tips]



Red eye happens, folks. Caused by the reflection of a camera flash in our eye’s retina, it can be reduced by special flashes, but not always completely eradicated, especially in dark environments. Blemishes are a whole different matter, but they do seem to happen more often just before we take a picture of ourselves or loved ones.

Luckily, both of these issues can be fixed after a photo has been taken, and rather easily using iPhoto for iPad.

First up, launch iPhoto for iPad and find a photo you want to fix the red eye in. Tap the photo to bring it up into editing mode, then tap the Brushes icon in the lower left of the screen (fourth icon from the left). A fan of brush tools will pop up from the bottom of the iPad screen. Tap the one that says “Red Eye” on it.

Then tap directly on your photo subject’s eye. Be sure to zoom in with a pinch out gesture to apply the effect more easily. iPhoto will automatically detect the red eye in the photo and fix it for you. Easy!

Blemishes are just as simple to repair. Find the photo you want to fix, and bring up the brush tools again. Tap on the Repair brush, and then rub your finger on the skin of the person in the picture. iPhoto will place a red color overlay where you rub to help you know where you’re repairing things. If you want to make the brush smaller, zoom into the photo with a pinch out gesture before you start the repair rub. This makes the size of the Repair brush smaller in relation to the picture itself.

Source: Laptop Mag

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