What’s Apple Hiding Under This Black Banner At WWDC?


Is Apple hiding something awesome under their black banner?

At every WWDC, Apple dresses up the Moscone Center with beautiful banner graphics to promote their newest software and hardware. Sometimes before the keynote, they keep some banners veiled in black cloth to prevent any keynote spoilers. This year is no exception. So what’s under this year’s black banner? Let us hear your guesses in the comments.

Via: Tim Stevens

  • nathanl1192

    Organize.app – Something really unimpressive probably.

  • mruiandre

    iOS 6.

  • Natarajah Manick

    The new Macbook line (redesigned).

  • NutsAboutMac

    The newest line of iMacs and MacBook Pros that now will have retina display.  Let’s hope for even more!!

  • hamburgers

    It’s a Pony!

  • SteveLV702

    “The New iPhone” (not iPhone 5) with 4G LTE.

  • AEltimimi

    or may be the new iPhone !? who is know ??

  • Haydn Hsin

    Obviously the new Macs! Mountain Lion, iOS 6 have already been unveiled.

  • Ale Flores


  • Cale Honneysett

    Touchscreen iMac!

  • beaver21s

    Steve Job Lives

  • MacHead84

    Apple TV apps

  • fortigeek

  • AndycAfro


  • Neil Paul Donal Almond

    itunes 11

  • Neil Paul Donal Almond

    itunes 11

  • BrianTpe

    iOS integration into new macs.

  • Lane Jasper

    “Bathrooms down the hall to your left”

  • Lane Jasper

    Would be funny if someone pulled the string to reveal it early whatever it is. lol

  • Lucas Phillips

    Hmm… I’d normally think iOS 6, but there are already banners for that. My bets are on either iTunes 11 with some new major feature(s), or the resurrection of the MacBook, either in it’s old form, or a pro/air hybrid to replace the pro and air.

  • Attila L. Major

    the 15 macbook pro air… i hope or just the mac pro

  • AllAmericanGeek

    Too much risk to be anything significant

  • Jack Rankin

    Lets talk about iPhone…. July 2012

  • João Martins Santos

    new iphone :D

  • Oleguer Txdr

    Maybe they just want to create a meeting point… We’ll see!

  • RmcTech

    Perhaps an “iHamburger!” A hamburger that looks like an iPhone. lol !! Ok, serious comment: – Maybe it’s the New and improved Siri that’s coming out on the new iPhone. LOL @ 

    “Bathrooms down the hall to your left”