This Awesome Concept Video Has One Killer Feature Apple Should Steal For iOS 6 [Video]


The chances of iOS 6 being anything like this video concept by Joost van der Ree are pretty slim: we already know most of what to expect in iOS 6, and across the board, it looks like an app — not feature — focused update.

But who cares? This still looks great. We’re not so sure about the redesign of the Notification Center to pull down under the home screen — this seems counter intuitive — or the need for a “Mission Control” for finding running apps — the existing task switcher is an expert feature unused by most people which works just fine for poiwer users — but we do love the major innovation of this mockup: “Flipcons”, which show all your app updates and notifications as an overlay that pops out of each individual app on the homescreen.

None of this stuff will be in iOS 6, of course. But maybe some of it will come via jailbreak, and if it doesn’t, there’s always iOS 7.

Source: YouTube
Via: Redmond Pie

  • Weegie_Mac

    Zephyr on Cydia has done this for months, John.

    You swipe the home screen down to reveal NC, and one finger swipe up from the bottom to reveal multitasking tray.

  • Timothy Williamson

    Since Apple used the “linen” background on NC (indicating it’s a background UI element), then it would be more accurate to have the Home Screen pull down to reveal NC (as done in this video).

  • saalokin

    i think it’s time for ios to have a major feature overhaul.. we need widgets and bottom swipe features. the home button is a drag and most iphone home buttons tend to fail within months..

  • ApplePr0n

    Oooh, very nice looking. Have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing that on my OS