iSimplyConnect Reinvents VPN For iPad Business Users


iSimplyConnect makes support remote iPad and iPhone users simple and cost-effective.
iSimplyConnect makes support remote iPad and iPhone users simple and cost-effective.

Secure remote access has always been important for companies with mobile workers. As Apple and other mobile technology companies enable an increasingly mobile workforce, however, those remote access needs are increasing rapidly and can easily strain existing VPN setups.

Increasing capacity can be accomplished with the traditional appliance or server-driven VPN solutions, but that can get expensive and doesn’t guarantee that even more capacity won’t be needed in a few months or a couple of years. One company offering a scalable and cost-effective solution to these challenges is iSimplyConnect.

iSimplyConnect is a cloud-based VPN service designed specifically for the iPad (it will work with other iOS devices as well) developed by cloud services vendor Asavie that debuted last month.

Using a cloud or SaaS (software as a service) VPN like iSimplyConnect allows companies to scale up capacity easily whenever more devices and users need to be supported without the need for investing more money for on-premise VPN hardware. The service is also designed to avoid compromising security by opening ports on a company’s firewall for VPN systems.

While ease of use and lower investment costs are advantages to iSimplyConnect, they aren’t the driving force behind its adoption. Since the service launched last month, 2,500 businesses have signed up including several large and high-profile organizations like AT&T, Vodaphone, and Boy Scouts of America. The number one reason cited by the company’s customers is the ability to quickly and easily scale VPN services to meet increasing demand.

Switching solely to iSimplyConnect is one option, but the service’s iOS-only focus means that it works best deployed alongside existing VPN infrastructure. That way iSimplyConnect can offload the traffic and configuration demands for iPads and iPhones while allowing an existing solution to handle traffic from laptops and other devices.

iSimply connect offers a range of pricing options as well as an unlimited 15-day trial.

Source: iSimplyConnect