This Is The Gigantic Underground Auditorium Where Apple Will Unveil All Its Future Products



The City of Cupertino has just released a slew of new plans and technical drawings for Apple’s proposed Spaceship Campus, which is set to finish construction in 2015.

The most interesting part of these plans, though? The plans for a massive new subterranean auditorium for future Apple press announcements. This will be where Apple unveils products like the ninth-generation iPhone, the seventh-generation iPad, the future Apple HDTV and other magical gadgets we haven’t even thought of ye.

Here’s some pictures of the auditorium. It’s like a giant secret lair!

And here’s the new Apple employee parking lot, which can accommodate a whopping 4,300 vehicles underground:


Via: iDownloadblog





  • joewaylo

    @Tallest_Skil It could be a reinforced parking lot and this would increase their capacity to have more ticket holders to anywhere between 4,300 -17,200 (depending on how many seats fit their auditorium and if they aren’t driving alone).

    “It’s like a giant secret lair”? I wonder if they’re doing pagan worshipping at night too.

  • nolavabo

    Cunning. We already know the new HQ is a time portal (think Stargate that works properly). This is simply a smokescreen for where the massive dilithium crystal power generators will be located.

  • nothlit

    The new auditorium will seat 1,000 people (according to Apple’s design docs). Nowhere near enough space to hold WWDC. They’ll still need Moscone for that. This auditorium is probably intended for the “smaller” press-only announcements of products that, recently, have been taking place at the Yerba Buena Center in SF.