New Macs, iOS 6, And Other WWDC Expectations On Our All-New CultCast



A hardware bomb! That’s what CultCast special guest and Ars Technica writer Chris Foresman thinks is about to go down at next week’s WWDC. I think he’s right, and on our brand new CultCast we’ll tell you why Apple might be about to refresh every Mac they make. Plus, there’s iOS 6. We’ll tell you what to expect from Apple’s new mobile OS too.

And don’t miss our winner of Faves and Raves, the game where we pitch our favorite hardware/apps and then vote on which is best.

All that and too many LULZ on our brand new CultCast. Subscribe now in iTunes and read on through for our show notes.

Episode 16 – The Force Is Strong With This One (Download)

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  • Paul Hojda

    The reason why apple is using Xeon server processor and not ivy bridge in the mac pro has nothing to do with them being more stable or that kind of s**t. it’s because only the xeon platform allows for 2 processors to be installed on one motherboard. ivy bridge is mainstream, therefor it has no such feature. sandy bridge-E is much more pro oriented.

  • Bobby Craig

    Just listened to your show and was impressed by the discussion of Fantastical in the Faves and Raves segment. The only downside in your discussion was the price ($30). I just visited the app store to check it out…and found that it’s now on sale for only 10 bucks. Definitely a must purchase for me right now! Love the faces and raves.