Alien Sky Adds Alien Skies To iPhone Photos [Video]


If the actual Alien Sky app is as good as this awesome teaser video, then it deserves to be a sell-out success. Who doesn’t love pictures of planets married to dramatic, movie-score music?

Sadly, it might end up just being a little tacky. Like a nightclub after the house lights are switched on, take away the spectacular soundtrack and all you’re left with is an app that lets you add planets, more planets, planets with rings and lens flare to your photos — it’ll get old and tawdry pretty fast.

I do like the lens-flare aspect, though. And for this, I would probably download the Alien Sky developer’s existing app, aptly named LensFlare.

Via: iPhoneography

  • mr_bee

    I can’t see the video, but just as background … “lens flare” effects are super-duper tacky in general and one of the most overdone effects out there.  

    They are also “of an era,” so if you want to make something look like it totally belongs in the late 90’s or early 2000’s then by all means, add copious lens flare effects.  That way the people of the future can date your work and have a good laugh about how “people thought this stuff was cool back then.” 
  • extra_medium

    Never understood the fascination with lens flare really… its like purposefully adding an error to your pic and then drawing attention to it. Unless of course its used as a cheap way to put some bling on a ring or a pearly white grin, then its amazing and i fully support its use.