iPad Owners Are Far More Satisfied Than Galaxy Tab Or Kindle Fire Buyers


Survey shows more customers satisfied with iPads than with Galaxy Tabs or Kindle Fires
Survey shows more customers satisfied with iPads than with Galaxy Tabs or Kindle Fires

Apple typically score high in brand loyalty and product satisfaction. As a result, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to hear that the new iPad and iPad 2 are leading tablet satisfaction surveys. Nor is it surprising that the iPads aren’t just scoring better than other tablets, they’re kicking some Android butt.

According to the latest numbers from Changewave, 81% of new iPad owners are very satisfied with their devices and while an additional 15% are somewhat satisfied. That means 96% of users can be called happy with the new iPad.

Even the iPad 2, which Apple reduced in price by $100 when the new iPad launched, is making Apple customers happy. 71% said they are very satisfied and another 26% are somewhat satisfied. That leads to 97% being happy with their choice (a number that’s actually a hair higher than the new iPad).

That contrasts with Samsung Galaxy Tab owners. Only 46% of Galaxy Tab buyers describe themselves as very happy with their purchase. 41% are somewhat satisfied, which puts overall satisfaction to 87%.

Amazon had slightly fewer very satisfied customers when it came to  the Kindle Fire tablet (41%) but also pushes higher than the Galaxy Tab when it comes somewhat satisfied owners (53%). That leads to an overall satisifaction rate of 94%.

Changewave also noted that satisfaction levels had dropped from earlier surveys. The new iPad was down 1% in the very satisfied category since numbers recorded in March and the Kindle Fire was down 15% from a February report.

Looking forward things look good for Apple. Chagewave noted that 7% of those polled are planning to buy a tablet in the next 90 days and that 73% of those individuals said that they will be buying an iPad.

Source: Changewave

Via: Computerworld

Image: Changewave


  • Steffen Jobbs

    Yeh.  Kick that Android butt.  I don’t know why those Android tablet vendors don’t just give up instead of throwing away money on building products that the consumer doesn’t really want.  No matter what they do, Apple will always be one step ahead of them.

  • dagelf

    They should do a survey of how happy Android users are with iPads. I wouldn`t be content with an iPad if I found it lying in the road. Other factors come into play here too – yes, iPad build quality is superior. Also, its proven that the more you are confronted by choice, the less content you are. Also, the more you pay for something, the more you value it. Also, the Android Store is hardly stocked with tablet apps. The global sales figures speak for themselves.

  • Gabriel Martin

    One reason, i love my new ipad & wifes ipad 2 is TABLET specific applications – nothing else…

    When you said also build quality then, you NEVER hold on your hands the ASUS transformer prime (champagne gold) i have it and its a looker. Its more thinner, lighter & more elegant than any tablet in the market now. Only the problems are wifi & no great specific tablet applications.

    Most people who surveyed ONLY USED ipad and NEVER USED or EVEN TOUCHED other tablets in the market NOW…

    If the asus has the best screen resolutions & will have the same tablet optimized applications like ipad, believe me or not – it will beat ipad anyday… Its has ICS that is more advance than ios 5 then the design is wow.

    I ONLY followed FACTS not fanboyism…

  • Brian Wolters

    @Gabriel Martin…I own an ASUS Transformer Prime. I chose this one over the iPad (I had an option) because I love widgets. I love to, at a glance, see time, temperature, calendar, to-do list, grocery list an still have room for my favorite apps, all on the same page…and with ICS, I still have 4 more customizable pages to use (and I do!)…

  • sickoman

    ipad is good, but it is way behind the times at giving info at a glance. android devices are superior at this.