This Gorgeous, Fast And Furious iPhone Speaker Dock Is Made Out Of A Hot Rod’s Exhaust [Gallery]



Let’s face it: the iPhone is the Hot Rod of smartphones. If Steve McQueen was still alive, he’d own one; Jay Leno probably has a hanger filled with a hundred of them. Nothing seems more appropriate to me, then, but to see a Hot Rod style exhaust snaking out of an iPhone. The iPhone is the most powerful thing you can drive that fits in your pocket.

That’s just what the iXoost dock does. It’s a speaker dock handbuilt by Xoost in Italy that grafts some gorgeous aluminum exhaust pipes onto your iPhone.

Available in three models, the V8 and V10 will make your living room scream like a drag race: two 28mm tweeters, two 25mm midrange cone drivers, one 100mm subwoofer and one 200mm subwoofer. The V12 adds an additional tweeter, midrange driver and a 100mm subwoofer to the mix.

Absolutely over-the-top, but stunning. Unfortunately, there’s no price right now, but expect these to cost about what a Hot Rod transmission would cost.

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Source: iXoost
Via: Technabob