Vinyl Tap Turns Your iPad Into A Beautiful Old Record Player



If you ever used to play records, you're going to love Vinyl Tap.

There are a few record player simulation apps for the iPad, but attention to detail and awesome graphics may make Vinyl Tap the best. And better still, it comes with not one but two turntables, with more promised in future updates.

Vinyl Tap comes with a Technics-inspired DJ turntable, and a linear-tracking player complete with infra-red detectors to scan the record and remember where the gaps are so you can skip tracks at the touch of a button. Laugh it up, kids, but this kind of thing was mind-boggling back when it was invented.

The two turntables have different features. With the "Technics" you can spin the record with your fingers, choose between 33 1/3 or 45 RPM playback speeds and tap the strobe light (the one that tells you that the platter is spinning at the right speed) to change its color. You can also move the tonearm by dragging it.

With the linear-tracking T-1000, you need to spin a knob to move the arm, or just press the button to skip tracks. There is no speed selection, but you do get a nice LED readout with the current speed, the track number and the play status. And both let you flip the record to play the other side.

And about those records. Depending on whether you play a track from an album or a single, a seven or 12-inch disk will be displayed. And this attention to detail goes all the way down to the grooves, which are generated by analyzing albums to make them look just like the real vinyl version would have looked.

And yes, there’s a crackle applied to the music.

All this nostalgic fun can be had for just $2. I love it, and I’m listening to it right now as I type (records keep playing in the background, and artwork is shown on the lock screen). I can’t wait to see what record player they’ll add next. Perhaps a music center with a cassette deck so I can record the music on my iPad to listen to later. Wait. That’s not right…

Source: andBoom