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Check Out This Huge Billboard Made Entirely Out Of iPads [Video]



Wouldn’t it be freaking cool to hangout with a couple thousand other iPad owners and make the world’s biggest interactive billboard? You could create some pretty amazing stuff – like a huge video of that Helicopter Cat thing. We’re always so separated and alone when using our cool new gadgets, but Nate Bolt, Ryan Schude, and Lauren Randolph think it’s time to make something together out of them, so they created a huge jumbotron out of their iPads.

Here’s a video of the iPad Jumboltron in action:


Describing the project, Bolt’s team said, “The basic idea of using a ton of phones or tablets to display a single image or video isn’t new, but all of a sudden there are lot more of us with tablets. We’d like to gather to make our own messages before advertisers get hip to the idea and do it on a much larger scale than we can.”

The Jumboltron project attempted to use MIT’s open source Junkyard Jumbotron web app to create their giant display, but found that the app doesn’t give them enough control over the images, so Nate Bolt made a series of giant web page tables with each cell sized exactly to an iPad. They plan to build a basic app in the future to make things easier and hopefully allow video playback as well.

Future Jomboltron parties are in the works, so if you’re interested in making the world’s largest display you can sign up right here.