Deep-Fried Apple Gadgets Look Mighty Tasty [Gallery]



Photographer Henry Hargreaves did the unthinkable. He took the world’s most beloved Apple gadgets and submerged them in deep-fried, fattening, greasy goodness. Call it sacrilegious, but the photos turned out pretty well.

Needless to say, don’t try this at home. You’ll need more than a toothpick to get the glass and shards of metal out of your teeth.

Source: Henry Hargreaves

Via: BuzzFeed

  • Alex Carrausse

    It looks fake… how can the pixels remains colored?

  • shannonbwiggins

    The Macbook looks like cardboard. Notice above the “screen” on the right side…

  • Sdreed91

    It is fake the headphone jack is in the wrong spot on the iPod. And how would they still turn on? I mean this is pretty fishy to me.

  • berianlowe

    It’s not fake.

    It’s called art.
  • Lane Jasper

    the headphone jack is in the wrong are yes, but that doesn’t mean that he (the artist) is suggesting it’s plugged in either.

  • Javi Magana

    this is an atrocity? this guy should be hauled into court and chucked in jail for doing this! this is no where near a form of art.

  • Aaron

    Both the MacBook and the iPod Classic look like paper printouts. This leads me to believe ALL of the devices in this gallery are paper printouts. 

  • Jaime Cruz

    Are you kidding me, not to mention that they all look like greasy carboard; look at the macbook’s “charger,” and the ipod’s headphone jack is in the wrong place. It’s a cool concept, however, one should specify that these are not actual products, or at least try and do a better job faking them.

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  • Lisa Ng

    It is fake.  “Although the gadgets look real, they’re actually recreations made with a material called foamcore, which were then dipped in batter and dunked in oil.” The Huffington Post

  • northshorenerd

    No to be too technical here, but he didn’t just deep fry them: they’ve obviously been breaded as well.

    All of that really just makes this dumber, mind you. Not more interesting.
  • joewaylo

    A few things I’ve noticed in these pics that determine these are not genuine Apple products but rather fake ones:

    1. The devices all still work: Technically impossible as any liquid would damage their functionality. The red sensor would go off on an iPhone. The liquid would have also penetrated the battery and computer housing. A little slower as you’re dealing with cooking oil that fries your foods.
    2. None of these screens would remain the way they were upon deep frying. The iPhone glass would have cracked, the coating on all the devices would have melted off at 500F cooking liquid temperatures, and the screens would have been ridiculously saturated in multiple colors.
    3. The MacBook does look fake as another poster stated. The keyboard looks like a cardboard cutout and the screen is bent funny.