See Full Track Info On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


Music App Tip

It’s sometimes hard to remember that the ubiquitous iPhone had its genesis as a humble music player, the iPod. Remember those? In fact, the Music app was originally called iPod app, right?

Sometimes, when you have a particularly long song name, like with the podcasts or compilation albums in the images above, the small screen of the iPhone doesn’t quite do the full info name justice, leaving off with a disappointing elipsis. What if you want to see the whole thing? With iOS 5.1, you can.

Open the Music App on your iPhone, and find a song with a title that you can’t see all of. These are the ones with the ellipsis at the end. IF you have a lot of Classical music or podcasts like the above, you’ll find one handily.

All you need to do to see the full info of one of these truncated song titles is to tap and hold on the song title in the Music app. A black speech bubble will appear, with the full name and info of the tapped song in white text within it. Removing your finger will let the info linger until you tap again.

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Source: Macworld