aTV Flash 1.6 Is Here To Bring Subtitles & iTunes Playback To Your Jailbroken Apple TV



Last week’s release of the much anticipated Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak didn’t just benefit iPhone and iPad owners: it also gives a new lease on life to the second-gen Apple TV. Now Firecore has released a major update to their aTV Flash software, and the new goes far to supercharge your set-top box with great new functionality the stock firmware doesn’t offer.

The biggest update in aTV Flash 1.6 is the ability to download subtitles for your movies right on the Apple TV, thanks to integration. Additionally, aTVFlash can now actually view movies you’ve purchased directly from iTunes, as long as you have the proper login options.

Other changes include:

* Added video deinterlacing option
* dded Wake-on-Lan (WOL)
* Added Portuguese (Portugal) translation
* Added support for displaying subtitles in lower ‘black bar’
* Added support for .WTV files
* Added support for multiple simultaneous AFP connections
* Improved bulk fetching & added automatic artwork caching
* Improved automatic downscaling for large thumbnails
* Improved metadata reloading for images
* Improved buffering over AFP
* Resolved various audio synchronization issues
* Resolved possible overflow in 5.1 AC3 audio
* Resolved issues with zoom for 4:3 movies
* Resolved missing audio for .dvr-ms files (ASF containers)
* Resolved rare SRT file crash
* Resolved issues with slideshow animation
* Resolved file specific metadata fetching issues
* Resolved rare ISO file crashes
* Resolved issue with displaying identical thumbnails for images with the same name
* Resolved metadata loading issues for files containing non-latin characters
* Resolved rare 5ch audio file crash
* Resolved issues with incorrect metadata for files with ‘/S01E0.avi’ pattern
* Resolved auto-start issues in Couch Surfer
* Reduced memory footprint for large software-decoded videos and slideshows
* Other minor UI improvements & bug fixes

To run aTV Flash, you need to jailbreak your Apple TV 2. There’s no jailbreak for the 1080p Apple TV with the A5 processor, but if you have a 720p Apple TV, the Seas0nPass jailbreaking tool is free and works just peachy. To get aTV Flash on your Apple TV 2 from there, you’ll have to pony up $29.95.

Source: Firecore