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The Longest MacBook Air Review Ever



The MacBook Air is starting to reach customers, and early reviews of the Apple’s thinnest laptop is starting to trickle down the wire. None trickles with as much force as Jason Snell’s astoundingly thorough dissection of everything about the Air, from software to hardware, from connectivity to battery life and more. I highly recommend the review (which is positive, but laden with caveats). I think it might be the most even-handed review of the Air so far. I mean, who knew that its headphone jack was as wonky as the iPhone’s?

12 responses to “The Longest MacBook Air Review Ever”

  1. Ltown says:

    have they ever, or has anyone thought of a reason why the headphone jack is like that?

  2. ihateretro says:

    so that you buy only there headphones…………duh…………..

  3. spellchecker says:


  4. iphone phreak says:

    i have rarely seen headphones that have the bulky plug-in any more, i don’t see why people make a big deal about it, and if you already have an iphone you already have headphones that work

  5. WebAgentur Koerbler says:

    The MacBook Air looks great but I heard that it has some problems according to heat… Does anybody know more about that?

    Best regards from Styria,

    Mario Koerbler

  6. Deke says:

    Another lengthy MacBook Air review. This time from MacWorld UK. Pointing out, in better detail, more on the compromises a user would encounter.