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App Copies Photos To iPhone Without iTunes


DC Copy is a universal app which lets you avoid iTunes.

DC Copy is a new app that does one thing. It lets you copy your photos and videos to your iPhone’s camera roll via iTunes? "What?!" I hear you shout. "We can do that already!"

Well, yes, you kinda can, but it’s a testament to the true horror of using iTunes that this app exists at all, and that — furthermore — you’ll probably be downloading it by the end of this short post.

To use DC Copy, you plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac and hit the "Apps" tab. Then drag any photos or videos (JPEG, BMP, PNG, MOV and MP4) you want to transfer into DC Copy’s storage space. That’s it. Now just launch the app and the files are automatically kicked over into the Photos app.

Why would you need this? Because the default way of getting photos onto the iPhone is a real pain in the ass. You need to put the pictures into iPhoto, and then tell iTunes to sync the correct albums with the iPhone. The iPad at least has the camera connection kit to cut out the middle man, but not the iPhone.

Yes, you can point iTunes at a folder instead of at iPhoto, but then you lose out on all the neat Faces and Places features in the camera roll. DC Copy lets you keep using the old method and yet allows you to quickly zap some pictures across when you need to.

And if you use something like PadSync, you can still use DC Copy and cut out iTunes altogether. DC Copy is available now, for zero dollars.

Via: App Shopper