$100 ‘Charging Station’ Is Just A Leather Pouch With a USB Hub Inside



You probably own a charging station like this already

Why carry just a tiny iPad charging brick and a few miniature USB cables to juice all of your gadgets when you could instead schlep this huge "Portable Charging Station with Cable Rack" along with you instead? That’s what AViiQ hopes you’ll do, and it also wants you to pay $80-$100 for the privilege.

The "portable" charging station is a zip-up pouch with a 4-port USB hub inside, and a wall-wart to power it. Also in the bag are four cable-winders to keep things tidy. You can choose from two different materials for the pouch — nylon for $80 and leather for $100.

But I honestly don’t see the point. You can of course charge more than one device at a time, but I almost never need to do that when traveling. I really do find that the iPad charger married with a set of Griffin’s miniature USB cables is easily enough to keep my iPod Touch, my iPad and my Kindle powered for weeks at a time. Better, the charger comes free with the iPad, and if you don’t care to buy a set of travel cables you can just dig some out from the tangle of USB cables you already own.


Thanks: Pedro!

  • wilburg

    Don’t worry, folks.  It doesn’t matter that this product is a total rip off.  There are plenty of people out there who are as lame as the product, and many of them will buy it.

  • mmnw

    And … this only makes sense if the “USB-Hub” supplies the excessive amount of juice the iPad needs to recharge. If it doesn’t, and I bet it doesn’t, it’s a waste of time. You could instead use the iPad charger to charge all three of the pictured devices in no time.

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