Mike Daisey Slams Walt Mossberg And Kara Swisher For Being Too Soft On Apple’s Tim Cook At D10


Cook believes Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were too soft on Tim Cook during the D10 interview this week.
Daisey believes that Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were too soft on Tim Cook during the D10 interview this week.

Mike Daisey, the author behind The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, who was forced to admit that he fabricated some of his claims about worker mistreatment in Apple’s supply chain, has criticized Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher for being too soft on Tim Cook during their interview at All Things D’s D10 conference earlier this week.

After offensively branding Swisher as lazy for her use of the word “fictional,” in a post on his blog, Daisey continues to blast the pair’s “weak” interview questions and suggests how they can “do [their] job better.”

During the interview with Cook, Swisher mentions Apple’s “fictional” critics, and although Daisey’s name isn’t mentioned, it’s clear that his fictitious claims about worker mistreatment in Chinese factories is what she is referring to. Daisey highlights this in his blog post:

First, Kara, this isn’t even good wordplay—I’m not a fictional fucking critic. The word you would want is fictitious, though that wouldn’t really work either—you probably knew that, but I think then you got lazy and just said, what the fuck…who is really paying attention to that shit, anyway, right?

Daisey then criticizes the questions that were thrown at Cook — specifically those regarding the supply chain — and suggests some “actual” questions that Mossberg and Swisher could have asked:

Kara and Walt—do you really think you asked hard questions tonight? Goodness, you got Cook to admit…that Ping was a failure! That’s amazing. If only you had another hour, so you could get him to tell us who he liked best on Dawson’s Creek and what kind of ice cream is best: vanilla or cookies and cream. (Trick question: it’s always cookies and cream.) […]

You could have asked,

“Recently you went to China for the first time as CEO to tour Foxconn’s production lines. Apple’s first outside audits of Foxconn happened in 2006, after media coverage back then, and the report recommendations made six years ago are the same as the ones made by the FLA in 2012. Did it not seem important enough a priority for the CEO go until now, six years later? Why did it take so long?”


“You’ve worked at Apple since 1998, and are credited for creating an incredible supply chain that is a huge part of Apple’s success. But the New York Times and others have pointed to the squeezing of that supply chain as a big part of the problems at Foxconn. Do you think Apple’s responsible for some of the problems that Apple’s been documenting since 2006 without making inroads on until this year?”

Daisey concludes by slamming technology journalists for not speaking out about these issues:

I had such hope that they [technology journalists] would stand up and do their jobs. But they didn’t. Other journalists, with much less to lose, did their job for them years after the fact…and that gap, that delay, is a direct and deep failure of technology journalism.

Source: Mike Daisey’s blog

Via: Macworld

  • mr_bee

    The title on the main page says the opposite of what the title on the article says. 

  • David Fell

    I think we should have all stopped listening to Mike Daisey some time ago.

  • psychobueller

    Sorry, you get caught lying, you lose all credibility!

  • KillianBell

    The title on the main page says the opposite of what the title on the article says. 

    Yeah, I amended it and, for some reason, it took a lot longer to update on the front page. It should be okay now, though.

  • Yikes1

    Mike Daisey is in no position to criticize anyone.

    Is Tim Cook perfect? No. Is Apple perfect? No. Is Mike Daisey perfect? Not by a long shot.
    Apple has taken many steps to improve wages and working conditions. They now have monthly audits of their suppliers rather than yearly. All of this information is readily available.
    Mike Daisey just seems to have a hard-on for being ultra-critical of Apple and forgetting all of the other tech companies when all the while Apple does more than the rest to improve things
    I think that he is just trying to save face from his own fabrications to attempt to prove that he was right all along. I think that what we should be doing is support and recognize Apple’s efforts, encourage more improvements and push hard for other companies to pull up their socks as well.
    Note to Mike: You say that your not a journalist, go back to your little plays. We don’t trust you and we certainly don’t care what you think.
  • cpmorris0

    Can you please stop giving Mike Daisy a voice beyond his blog.  I sure would not have known about this if you hadn’t published it and therefore would have had a happier day…

  • Bruce Schrock

    One thing Mike needs to get, cussing like a sailor is not classy at all! he’s lost my respect a long time ago and dropping the F-bomb on a post isn’t helping. We’re talking about Apples CEO if you want to be a recognized critic then get your grammar up to his level!

  • Brian Gregory May

    I’m not a fictional fucking critic.” No, you’re just a douche.

  • Fauzi Hamadeh

    Nice to see that Mike Daisey is as classy as ever. Also nice to see that he’s still trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame.

  • InternDom

    “Cook believes Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were too soft on Tim Cook during the D10 interview this week.”

    You must mean Daisey instead of Cook right?

  • InternDom

    “Cook believes Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were too soft on Tim Cook during the D10 interview this week.”

    You must mean Daisey instead of Cook right?

  • Craig Ciccone

    why bother reposting more nonsense from that man? hasn’t the world learned enough about him to start ignoring him?  stop giving him a platform. 

  • shannon_f

    “Cook believes Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were too soft on Tim Cook during the D10 interview this week”

    Cult of Typos

  • krabbie

    the TWIT>>>>> MD>>>> hasn’t learned about the difference between interview and interrogation. Really now, being tough with someone in person, all MD is is a backstabbing, candle dimmer with his only tool, deception and lies. 

  • technochick

    Sorry, you get caught lying, you lose all credibility!

    No joke. He’s got no right to say anything. And this is clearly him butt hurt because they made a negative comment about him. 

    And I agree with David from down the list, we should stop listening to Mike. He’s a troll. Don’t listen to him, don’t give him ANY attention. Ie, don’t write articles like this. 
  • technochick

    I went to Mike’s blog to see if he was brave enough to allow comments (he’s not) and notice this very ironic listing on his appearance list. I hope he wasn’t speaking as some kind of expert after what he did

    Panel Discussion:
    Truth, Art, and Journalism
    May 5th at 1pm

  • drblank

    Mike Daisy is just desperate for media attention.

  • minimalist1969

    Somebody wants his name back in the news cycle.   Only he seems to have no idea that once you’ve been caught lying and your credibility is shot, you don’t get to take the moral high road.

  • LloydAlbert2

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  • Forest Walker

    Yeahhhh. I really wish CoM would stop giving this attention-whoring moron coverage.

  • Charles Wallace

    I don’t really find it necessary to give this guys opinion a grain of salt, but after reading this and many other articles about Apple and worker conditions in China have a a few thoughts of my own I would like to express.

    First off I want to say that I love Apple products, call me a fanboy but I really don’t care. All I hope is that you can see the logic in my argument.
    To keep it short, Nike was the first to use outsourced labour to create North American products(sweat shops) and was given lots of infamous publicity about it. But still to this day keeps out churning Jordan’s to feed our commercialism. Why is this?
    Apple is in the crosshairs of this same issue, while other companies are using the same manufacturer to produce its good in the same work conditions as Apples, they don’t seem to have as much press attention, even if its from a close minded individual is on a rant. Why is this?
    Responsibility does not come from Apple, NIke, or another company to dictate working condition in another country. Responsibility comes from government. Labour laws and standards are practiced here in both North American country’s, but after worker suicide, press, and mass audits the onus still appears to be with the companies. 
    The way I see it, government doesn’t care and neither do companies care well enough to push for government for reformation. 
  • macowling

    Clearly Mike Daisy is jealous because Tim Cook got to actually go to the factories and talk to employees whereas Daisy tried to go there, was told no and then had to LIE about it to the world so he could get some media attention that he didn’t deserve. My suggestion would be that CoM delete Mike Daisy’s blog from their bookmarks and forget about him, he’s clearly got no credibility left and is just trying his best to get attention at this point.

  • HerbalEd

    Daisy doesn’t ask the hard questions either. He just makes up the hard answers. I’ll take truth over lies any day. 

  • Macnetar

    Man, this guy should go away already. How much longer can he name-drop Apple and get attention? Move on, go attack the rest of the tech companies.

  • Macnetar

    This guy knows nothing. Maybe a thing or two about fried chicken, but thats it.

  • Macnetar

    Mike Daisey – The Agony and Ecstacy of Col.Sanders (KFC).