Apple Buys Italian Music App Developer Redmatica, Looking To Beef Up GarageBand And Logic Pro [Report]


Logic Pro and GarageBand could see major updates thanks to a new Apple acquisition.
Logic Pro and GarageBand could see major updates thanks to a new Apple acquisition.

Apple has reportedly bought small Italian startup Redmatica, a company that specializes in making digita music-editing apps that all run on the Mac.

The news comes from an Italian blog, which did some digging and found a document from Italian communications regulator AGCOM that seems to prove that Cupertino purchased the start-up.

Why? No one knows, but obviously it has to do with music. Redmatica is a small company that makes revenue of less than €100,000 per year, with an income of a paltry €26,000. That’s small potatoes, and Apple likely picked them up for a song.

None the less, Redmatica has a number of apps Cupertino could potentially be interested in, including Kaeymap Pro, an editor for sampled instruments.

Techcrunch speculates the real reason that Apple bought Redmatica is for an aqui-hire: looking for talent and tech to help beef up Logic Pro and GarageBand.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment.

Via: Techcrunch

  • HooVoo

    At last, Logic news :)))

  • John Lehmkuhl

    I use these apps and talk to the Andrea (owner of Redmatica) all the time… These apps have saved me countless hours because of the powerful functions they contain in regards to making maps of samples that are then loaded into Logic, or other sample based playing plug-ins (Reason and Kontact 4). They also have a killer application that can create a sample map automatically, then automatically apply loops to the samples so that you don’t need to do anything. For people in the know, these applications are serious time-savers.

    I think this purchase was very smart and has 2 huge advantages. I’ve used Logic Pro since it was Notator Logic on the Atari computer platform and used to betatest for them before Apple purchased Notator (a German company who’s technilogical genius is in all parts of the Mac OS X and iOS along with the creating of Gargeband, Logic Pro).  The sample-player in Logic has been overdue for more abilities for freaking YEARS. To have the power of KeyMap Pro in Logic is a dream come true.

    Also, by buying Redmatica, they own the tools musicians use to make professional sample libraries for almost every platform – everybody uses KeyMap Pro for their sample mapping work since it has so many powerful functions.

    Apple now controls the software that makes this content. I don’t know what they will do with this – they could kill support for everything except Logic Pro (my guess) or play nice and let other companies still use this software that they now own…

    As a Logic Pro user, this is awesome news.

  • technochick

    Hey John. A government office approving a purchase doesn’t mean it’s been finalized. So you shouldn’t be claiming otherwise if you want this to be a ‘news item’ (then again like everyone else on this site you probably don’t care)

  • Jerry Siano

    Redmatica already makes great extensions for the existing synths that Logic Pro comes with (EXS24) and other 3rd-party plug-ins. So, Apple purchasing Redmatica to make Logic Pro entirely better seems like a greatidea to me…I can’t wait for the updates!