Play To The Beat Of A Different Drummer With The AC1 RythymVOX Mini Guitar Amp [Review]


AC1 RhythymVOX ready to gobble down some double A's
"Feed me Seymour!" The AC1 RhythymVOX ready to gobble down some double As.

The AC1 RythymVOX ($60) is more than a little guitar amp you can jam on. Built into its circuits are the drum beats of many popular musical genres, all at the ready to accompany you while you practice or play.

The Good

Believe it or, the AC1 RythymVox is a lot of fun to play with. I’m used to playing guitar by myself, but it’s amazing how much more fun I have when I there’s a drum beat to play along with. And the AC1 doesn’t have only one beat, it’s bursting with over 66 built-in rhythm and song patterns, all of which can be sped up or slowed down with the simple twist of a knob.

But the best part about the built-in drum sounds are the different genres you can play to. The AC1 includes rock and metal patterns, jazz, funk, and reggae beats; it also has 8, 16, and triplet beat patterns you can practice to — way more fun that playing to a metronome, and a really good way to practice playing different musical styles.

Six AA batteries… six! Is an 80s rapper going to walk down the street with the RyhtymVOX on his shoulder?

The little AC1 sounds good too. I mean, it sounds like a small speaker, for sure, but I didn’t hear a lot of distortion or static – no small win for a speaker of this size.

And finally, if you’d fancy playing along with your favorite song, the AC1 has an aux plug right on its top so you can pipe in your favorite Oingo Boingo track. Now it’s a real dead man’s party.

The Bad

Six AA batteries… six! That’s how many it takes to power the AC1 RythymVOX. Is an 80s rapper going to walk down the street with the RyhtymVOX on his shoulder? What device these days uses so many batteries?

And why oh why didn’t Vox include an AC adapter? There’s an AC adapter plug right on the side of the AC1 – would it have cost that much more to include one? I don’t want to play Hungry Hungry Hippos with double As – it’s a total waste of money and a silly oversight not to include a power supply with the AC1.

The Verdict

The AC1 RythymVOX would be a perfect starter amp for a kid or or beginning guitar player. It’s a fun guitar accessory, is super portable, and makes playing and practicing guitar more fun. Do be ready to invest in some good rechargeable batteries, though, lest you have to spend your lunch money on the disposable alkaline variety.

[xrr rating=70%]

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