Apple’s Official WWDC 2012 App Could Be Your First Glimpse At iOS 6’s New iPhone Look


Expect to see a lot more of this color in iOS 6.
Expect to see a lot more of this color in iOS 6.

The core apps and features in Apple’s iOS operating system have looked largely the same since the original iPhone made its debut back in 2007. Put certain iOS 5 apps — Calendar, Contacts, Maps, YouTube — alongside those from the original iPhone OS and you’ll notice hardly any difference.

However, Apple could be gearing up to make some changes in iOS 6 that will introduce a fresh new look to the iPhone. This summer we could be waving goodbye to that traditional iPhone blue that has adorned iOS apps for the past five years and saying hello to sexy silver.

Earlier today, Boy Genius Report brought us a glimpse at the iPhone’s upcoming Maps app. According to their source, Apple won’t just be ditching Google Maps in favor of its own 3D mapping technology, but it will also be dropping its traditional blue user interface for a fancy new silver one.

We didn’t read much into these claims until we stumbled across the Cupertino company’s new WWDC 2012 app. Unlike last year’s app — which featured a black bar along the bottom and a blue bar along the top, like traditional iPhone apps — this one sports silver bars and buttons both top and bottom. And I must say, it looks a lot simpler and a lot cleaner.

WWDC 2011 for iPhone (left) versus WWDC 2012 (right).

Then we realized that WWDC 2012 wasn’t the first app to adopt Apple’s new look — iPhoto has it, too. Furthermore, almost all of the iPad’s built-in apps — like YouTube, Maps, Mail and more — have sported silver user interfaces since the day they were born.

It seems likely, then, that iOS 6 will move towards making iPhone apps look more like their iPad counterparts. We are expecting to see almost all of Apple’s built-in apps adopting a new look for this summer’s update. Whether or not you’ll be enjoying them on a 3.5- or a 4-inch display remains to be seen.

We’re just hoping that’s not the biggest change the company makes to iOS. I’ve been dreaming about widgets for as long as I can remember.

  • Dominique Griego

    Well if you look at the Music App for the iPad its pretty much the same varying degrees of grey color scheme. Though I am sure it will not be fully customizable a change is welcome,

  • mr_bee

    I like that they might get rid of the blue, but the black bar at the bottom looks far better than the grey one IMO.  

  • Jonathan Ober

    I like the right side simplicity of the starred/flagged items, takes up less space and looks more professional than a star. Not sure the differences in gray feel right though…seems like it doesn’t separate the space out or draw attention that well. Though the gray is more like the OSX 10.7 look which is welcome.

  • Arne Mulder

    I don’t know what I should think of this. The white buttons grab too much attention away from the content. If they keep the white one for the white iPhone it might work but for the black one it’s not really complementing I think.

  • AJ Green

    This has nothing to do with iOS 6. These appearance APIs were added in iOS 5 and they are just being updated.

  • ggggg

    It’s actually the same color scheme found in the purported iOS 6 Maps App.

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