This Luxury Spanish Leather iPad Case Is As Practical As It Is Pretty


A luxury case that is actually practical

Case manufacturers are finally realizing that we don’t want to smother our skinny iPads inside fat, padded cases. And now even high-end, "luxury" accessory makers are offering slimline covers which are not only lovely to look at but also practical enough not to tear off the iPad and toss away in a fit of rage.

Today we take a look at Pielframa’s Smart Case, a rather hot take on Apple’s own Smart Cover.

As the name of the company suggests, the case is made in Spain, from leather. Unlike most leather folio-style cases, though, this one doesn’t look like the kind of thing a stockbroker would carry. Instead, it offers a form-fitting rear panel with cutouts for the camera and the speaker, married to a segmented, fold-back front panel which works just like a Smart Cover. Those segments are made from ABS to keep them light and to protect the screen, and there’s even a sleep/wake magnet in there somewhere.

The only thing I don’t like is the way the iPad is held in the case. Instead of grabbing the tablet’s edges, this iPad slides in and its bezel is mostly covered. This is a matter of taste more than anything. I admit I was originally put off this style when testing the first wave of ultra-fat folio cases for the original iPad, and this one looks a lot less bulky.

The other thing worth a mention is the price. €120 ($150) isn’t bad at all for such a nice leather case, but given that Apple changes up its designs on a yearly basis, you might have other thoughts. The Smart Case is available now in a rainbow of candy colors.

Source: Pielframa

Thanks: Daniel!