Dater Adds Timestamps & Dates To The Pictures Stored On Your iPhone [Jailbreak]


Dater makes it easy to see when each of your photos was snapped.
Dater makes it quick and easy to see when each of your photos was snapped.

Have you ever been browsing through your iPhone’s camera roll and stumbled across a photo that you don’t remember taking? Or would you like to know how old that picture of your sister’s cat is? Then you need Dater, a new tweak for jailbroken iPhones that adds timestamps and dates to the pictures stored on your device.

With Dater installed on your iPhone, you’ll find a date and time beneath every image stored on your device, allowing you to see instantly each photo was taken. Furthermore, you can tap and hold an image, then hit the ‘Image Info’ button, to see additional information, like the size of the image, its name, its dimensions, when it was last modified, and where it was taken.

There are no options to configure and nothing to enable — simply install Dater and the information will be automatically added to your Photos app. It’s that simple.

Dater can be found in the BigBoss repo within Cydia, and it’s priced at $0.99.

Source: Cydia

  • drewstone2

    or you can just download stampr from Cydia and save yourself a buck!!

  • mr_bee

    All the pictures have dates and times attached already, which are visible the minute you import them into iPhoto or any picture manager you use.  

    Is it that important to know the dates and times you took them when all we are talking about is the current camera reel?  Not worth the jailbreak if you ask me. 
  • pcmedman

    or you can just download stampr from Cydia and save yourself a buck!!

    I checked out Stampr, but it’s not the same. When you take a picture, it actually saves two copies – the original one, and a lower-res copy with the date/time stamp on it. I certainly don’t want to have doubles of all my pictures just so I can see the stamp.

    Dater, on the other hand, simply displays the stamp on the screen and it will include pictures you have already taken. I also like the “info” option to see how large an image is. I don’t know that I really need Dater, so I don’t plan on getting it, but it seems like a cool little app for someone who is looking for those small added features.
  • enderwiggin21


    If we’re already jailbroken, this is useful.  If you’re not already jailbroken, I agree, this alone isn’t necessarily worth it, though that’s everyone else’s to decide.  There are many many reasons above this to jailbreak, imo.  This is just further icing.
    It’s as though it’s part of the stock photos app.  To me, what’s not worth it is having to import photos to a completely separate device or service solely to view some of their EXIF info.  Now THAT is cumbersome.
    Having used Dater, the only downsides I see are not being able to disable it (it’s always showing a date/time stamp.  It’d be nice to have it disappear when tapping like the playback controls do for video), and it tends to crash when trying to view more info on videos.  Otherwise, it’s seamless with the os.